I remember a number of years ago that “Internet Radio” was all the rage. Without having to spend upwards of £300 on a new “digital” radio, you could easily tune into radio from around the world. I remember spending warm, sunny summer’s days living in the cottage with live radio from the Bahama’s blasting out into the garden ;o)

But then Internet radio started to die. The music industry, as if noticing these services for the first time, decided that they wanted a bigger slice of the pie. They got that bigger slice, but in the process killed many of the smaller radio stations that provided the attraction in the first place. (more…)


It’s been a long time since I actually used some multi-track, virtual studio software for the job it was intended for. I usually dip in, tweak some levels, and export … or at a push I use the convenience of the multiple tracks to help create composite sound effects for Read more…