Welcome to OliTee.com

Hi there,

It’s a new year, so I thought I’d make a few changes. My old Blogger blog is gone, which is probably a good thing since I hardly updated it. I’ve replaced it with this site, for which I have a cunning plan. For now, however, I’m starting out with this blog.

The whole blogging thing wasn’t working out for me, as I felt too restricted with what I could write. I didn’t want to write about work, becasue that would be depressing. I didn’t want to write about any of my hobbies, because I thought that might get a bit geeky. So I ended up with a blog that rambled on about nothing. So I’ve decided “To hell with it, I’ll write what I bloody well want!”, so we are.

I’ve bought olitee.com with a broader plan in mind, as I’m currently working on a number of software projects that need a home. They’re still in development, but I plan on using this blog to write about their progress. In fact, you may already find some basic info under the PROJECTS tab at the top of the page.

I’m also planning on writing fewer throw-away blog entries, and concentrate on articles relating to the work I’m doing, or the things I’m figuring out in the world of digital media or software development. So many people ask me questions about these topics, I figure it would be more convenient for everyone if I just write them down!

OK, so there’s quite a bit of old content on here. I’m gradually pulling the more interesting stories from my old blog and putting them here. Don’t worry, new stuff will appear soon!

I’m not sure what happens next, so while you’re waiting please make sure you update your bookmarks, links on your websites and subscribe to my new RSS feed.