The BBC want me ...

… well, actually, they want one of my photographs.

I know its a bit of a minor event when you consider the context, and how many photos they’ll be using, but still … it’s nice to be asked ;o)

Here’s a snippet from the email I got:

My name is Dave Percy and I am a Researcher at GCSE Bitesize at the BBC. GCSE Bitesize is a revision website used by 16 year olds revising for their GCSE examinations in the United Kingdom.

We are making a Flash picture slideshow to accompany poetry audio for students to revise GCSE English. We would very much like to include your picture, ‘Passing Clouds’, which can be found here:

to accompany the poem ‘Sonnet’ by John Clare which can be found here:

Your picture would accompany audio of the line:

‘I love to see the summer beaming forth
And white wool sack clouds sailing to the north’

So there you go … :o)