Video encoding strategy for all Apple devices

I’ve had an Apple TV for a number of years, along with an iPod Touch and now (finally!) and iPhone. Before I had any of those things I made a conscious decision to transfer all my CD’s to iTunes and change the way I manage and access my music. This was clearly a success, as I can’t remember the last time I got one of my CD’s out of its case, (come to think of it, I can’t even remember where my CDs are!).

This setup was ideal. The music was wherever I wanted it to be: Streamed through the Apple TV, played off a PC or laptop, or copied to my iPhone. This got me thinking, “why can’t I do the same with my DVDs?”. With the cost of storage being so low I bought myself a 2Tb Lacie drive with that very same thought in mind. (more…)


It’s been a long time since I actually used some multi-track, virtual studio software for the job it was intended for. I usually dip in, tweak some levels, and export … or at a push I use the convenience of the multiple tracks to help create composite sound effects for Read more…

Podcasting Apples

Well that was fun… I’ve just returned from a meeting at Apple’s Europe HQ in London about podcasting. Admittedly, it was a Apple-biased view towards the technology behind podcasting, and they made the sweeping claim that ‘podcasting’ was a merging of the two words ‘iPod’ and ‘Broadcasting’. Hmm … they Read more…