S'no Snow

I do love the way this country is brought to it’s knees, the economy on the brink of meltdown because such as huge portion of the workforce didn’t show up, hundreds of thousands of school children roaming the streets like a wintery retelling of Lord of the Flies …

… and all because of an inch of snow.

For some reason the Met Office never seem to deliver when it comes to snow. They promise 28-foot snow drifts – with a prediction of a fatal amount of snow to fall overnight – the transport infrastucture is to be brought crashing down … and in reality all we get is a light drizzle.

Dang it! It would appear my dreams of spending the day in my pyjamas playing GTA4 have gone right out the window. I’d best get dressed and go to work.

Still. At least the sprinkling of snow made the valley look purdy.