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CueDeck is a completely new application (currently in the alpha stage of development), which aims to not only replace FXP, but offer a completely different approach to UI and flexibility. In keeping with the design ethos of FXP, CueDeck is clean and simple to use – yet extremely powerful under the hood. The new application has been coded from the ground up to make use of the latest Microsoft .NET technology, including the Windows Presentation Foundation to create a fresh, unique user interface.

Taking inspiration (and half it’s name!) from applications like “TweetDeck”, CueDeck replicates the functionality of FXP, but also introduces the concept of “Decks”. Now the UI is completely configurable – you want 3 players? Just do it. You want 16 players? Well, if you’ve got the screen real estate – go for it!

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”left”]http://blog.olitee.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/CueDeck_IPv02-564×339.jpg[/image_frame]
Each Deck is configurable as it’s own independent player, complete with multiple soundcard support, and the ability to mix players together. The original functionality of FXP is to be added as the default deck. Once that’s done additional decks are planned to allow hot-start arrays, metering or sync’ed playback of multiple decks. All the decks will be interchangeable, so if you already have a playlist setup, but you decide you want a hotstart array, CueDeck will use the existing playlist to create the hotstart array. Easy!

In essence, you will be able to create a virtual FX performance tool that you can adapt to your needs.

As I said, I’m still in early Alpha with this software, but here’s a sneak preview of the UI.

CueDeck will be available in the new year. For a feature list and system requirements, checkout CueDeck’s website here.

[titled_box title=”In Development” variation=”orange”]Please note that CueDeck is currently still in development. No trial or beta version is currently available.[/titled_box]