Nikon D70: Cleaning the Sensor

I haven’t taken that many photos in 2008, and here’s the reason why. Through messing with several old lenses and extension rings to do some marco work I’ve ended up with an unpleasant amount of dust, hair and other crap on the chip.

Nikon D70 - CCD Cleaning Comparison
I decided enough was enough. It was time to spend a silly amount of money and clean the thing myself. Eeek!

I’m glad I spent that bit extra and bought the Pro kit. I ended up using 6 of the swabs to clean the chip. It took some getting used to, and to be honest the chip was clean after the 2nd swab. I thought it would be nice to make extra sure, and ended up covering the chip in hairs again. Doh!

I suppose I’d better go clean all my lenses now. I think I’ve learnt my lesson.