Everything's changed, but stays the same.

Hi there!

If you were quick enough to catch my last post, you’ll know that I’m in the progress of changing hosts and moving to a virtual private server (VPS) solution for my website. That change has (finally) taken place, and you’ll looking the new and improved Olitee.com. As the title says: A lot has changed, but everything is the same. ;o)

The purpose for the upgrade was to give me greater flexibility and control, although if I hadn’t had changed the visuals on the website you wouldn’t have noticed a thing. I felt that all these changes behind the scenes were all well and good, but to mark this milestone in my geekhood I felt the website needed a bit of an overhaul.

You’ll find the new design very similar to the old one, but with more of the magazine layout I was after. A lot more of the work in posting stories has been automated (such as the automatic generation of thumbnails and so on), which is great for me – but some of my older articles may have some funky layout problems, so bear with me.

I’ve also padded out my most recent project page regarding FXP v4. Check it out if you like :o)

If you’re interested in the WordPress theme(s) in use, the previous version of this blog made extensive use of the Arthemia theme from Colorlabs. It’s free to use, and easy to customise. The new theme is the “Premium” version of the theme – and under the hood it’s far cleaner and easier to customise. The premium version is a paid-for theme, but if you’re interested you can get it here.

So there we are. Welcome.

I’m about to embark on a series of articles relating to my new VPS and the migration of the content, so stay tuned ;o)