Project | 365

[vc_row][vc_column][us_image image=”1129″ size=”full” link=”” onclick=”lightbox”][us_separator icon=”fas|star” show_line=”1″ line_width=”default”][vc_column_text]It’s been a long while since I set myself a photographic project, and I’ve always liked the somewhat self-indulgent idea of Project | 365 …

The very basic idea is that I will take 365 photographs; one for each day of the year. It sounds pretty simple, but it’s actually quite challenging when you factor in some of the rules I’ve set:

  • Each day’s photograph must be taken and uploaded ON THAT DAY.
    I’m already regretting that rule, as I have a 2-week holiday in Italy coming up! But, I’m going to try and stick to that rule as best I can.
  • Each photograph must represent something unique to that day.
    This is the challenging part! Anyone can just snap a photo and say, ‘yeah – I took that photo on that day’ … but I’m aiming to take photographs that represent something about my day: Something that happened, something memorable, etc.


Aperture 3.0

[vc_row][vc_column][us_image image=”991″ size=”full” link=”” onclick=”lightbox”][vc_column_text]I’ve long been a fan of Apple’s photograph management tool, Aperture, but it’s only in the last year – along with the purchase of a new iMac – that I’ve really started to use it as my primary tool for managing and processing my photographs.

For many years I was PC based, and was very happy using Adobe’s Lightroom (also now at version 3). Lightroom is very similar to Aperture in terms of functionality, and is a great tool for anyone already familiar with Adobe Photoshop, as the terminology used in the Develop module is identical.

However, I always looked longingly at Aperture’s clean, simple UI and envied it over Lightroom’s boxy, web-like interface. I understand the design choices made my Adobe when they created Lightroom, but for me it’s just ugly and industrial – and not at all the UI I want wrapped around my photographs as I work on them. Aperture was designed by Apple with the usual attention to detail, and as soon as I had the opportunity to switch I did. (more…)

Timelapse | Austria

Hello again. It’s been a while! In fact, since my last post I’ve been on a fabulous holiday in Austria, and I figured a couple of timelapse sequences wouldn’t go amiss 🙂

[vc_video link=””]