Almost There ...

I’m just about to go to bed for the very last time at Whitefield Cottage. Tomorrow is the final day of our move (sort of … ).

One slight problem though: My broadband will take a week to get transferred to the new property, so you’ll not hear or see anything from me in that time (hurrah! cries the internet :o).

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it’s been blogging all this time from this room, at this desk, on top of this hill here. Soon I’ll be blogging from another room, at most likley the same desk, and not the slightest sign of increased elevation relative to my neighbours.

Even my telephone number is changing … so if you’re used to contacting me on the old landline, from Tuesday morning there will be a new number. If you’re supposed to call me on that number, you’ll get the details soon. If you’re not supposed to ring me – FOR GOD SAKE STOP CALLING! (That mainly applies to Kitchens Direct and all those people who are always ‘calling on behalf’ of some company – you know who you are!)

So then. There it is. Goodbye for a week. Keep the internet tidy whilst I’m away.


Whitefield Cottage. 2007.