Oli Trenouth

Senior Software Developer & Media Technology Specialist

Hi! I’m a senior software developer with a specialismĀ in anything audio, visual, imaging and video.

I’m currently working with Dataphiles Ltd as lead developer on several of their flagship patient data and communication products.

I’ve previously worked for the Science Museum Group, at theĀ National Media Museum. I was fortunate to have worked with the organisation for over 15 years, designing AV and multimedia systems, as well as audio and video content for many exhibitions, galleries and events.

I’m deeply passionate about both software development, and all things audio and video. I’m an established software developer, audio engineer and video editor with over 17 years experience, and relish the thought of any project that pulls those separate disciplines together.

I’m also the creator of CueDeck: A unique audio playback and performance tool designed for live theatre and events.

In addition to my development work, I’m also a professional live theatre Sound Designer, with over 20 years of experience in live audio mixing, editing and design for theatre.

I’m always happy to chat, whether it’s about work – or just for some friendly advice. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch :)


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